• Ocean, The "Collective Oblivion"
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Ocean, The "Collective Oblivion"

WykonawcaOCEAN, THE
  • Wykonawca: OCEAN, THE Tytuł: Collective Oblivion
Wytwórnia: METAL BLADE
    DVD 1 Collective Oblivion
    The Origin Of The Ocean.Band History
    Live At MFMI Berlin 2011
    1. The First Commandment Of The Luminaries
    2. Ectasian De Profundis
    3. Statherian
    Early Video Clips
    1. Nazca
    2. Queen Of The Food-Chain
    3. Dead On The Whole
    Early Live Clips
    1. Austerity Dresden Germany 2006
    2. Mesoarchean Legions Of Winged Octopi Nijmegen NL 2009
    3. Calymmian Lake Disappointment Cologne Germany 2009
    4. Equinox Cologne Germany 2009
    5. Dead Serious and Highly Professional Brutal Assault Festival CZ 2006
    6. Austerity St. Feliu Festival Spain 2006
    7. One With The Ocean Ieperfest Belgium 2007

    DVD 2 Live And Not Dead Yet
    Live At Bikini Test La Chaux de Fonds CH 2010
    1. Shamayim
    2. Firmament
    3. The First Commandment Of The Luminaries
    4. Metaphysics Of The Hangman
    5. Swallowed By The Earth
    6. Epiphany
    7. The Origin Of Species
    8. The Origin Of God
    9. Calymmian Lake Disappointment
    10. Stenian Mount Sorrow
    11. Queen Of The Food-Chain
    Live At Summer Breeze Festival 2011
    1. Anthropocentric
    2. The Grand Inquisitor I Karamazov Baseness
    3. The Grand Inquisitor II Roots and Locusts
    4. Ectasian De Profundis
    5. The Origin Of Species
    6. The Origin Of God
    Live Visuals
    1. Anthropocentric The Grand Inquisitor I Karamazov Baseness
    2. The Grand Inquisitor II Roots and Locusts
    3. She Was The Universe

    DVD 3 Shore To Shore
    12 Months At Sea Tour Documentary
    Live.All Around The Globe
    1. Orosirian For The Great Blue Cold Now Reigns USA
    2. Anthropocentric The Grand Inquisitor I Karamazov Baseness Siberia
    3. The City In The Sea Hong Kong
    4. Swallowed By The Earth London UK
    5. The Origin Of Species The Origin Of God USA
    6. Nazca Wroclaw Poland
    7. Sewers Of The Soul Australia
    8. The Grand Inquisitor II Roots and Locusts Denver USA
    9. Metaphysics Of The Hangman Australia
    10. She Was The Universe Moscow Russia
    Video Clips
    1. For He That Wavereth...
    2. The Almightiness Contradiction
    Line-up Loïc Rossetti.vocals Robin Staps.guitars vocals Jonathan Jona Nido.guitars Luc Hess.drums percussion Louis Jucker.bass
    Additional info DVD includes
    Multiple camera shots of three full live concerts with a total of 21 individual song performances.
    Various extra live clips filmed across the globe.
    130 minutes of band history told by past and present band members.
    175 minutes of tour documentaries and live footage filmed in North America Asia Russia Australia and Europe.
    2 previously unreleased video clips for 2 tracks off Anthropocentric. Live visuals
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