• Various Artists "International Pop Overthrow: Volume 23"
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Various Artists "International Pop Overthrow: Volume 23"

  • Wykonawca: VARIOUS ARTISTS Tytuł: International Pop Overthrow: Volume 23
Wytwórnia: MEMBRAN
    1.Tambourine Love - The Tambourine People
    2.Girl With A Record Collection - Fernando Perdomo
    3.The Rain Comes - The Vinylos
    4.A Place in The Sun - Mansfield
    5.The Street Leads To The River - The Newds
    6.Stardeath - James Booth & The Return
    7.Shake Your Hair - Golden Richards
    8.Lost In A Daydream - Lannie Flowers
    9.Let Me Tell You - The RAZ Band
    10.Lift Off - April March
    11.There's Only One Way Out Of This - Black Mail House
    12.The Real Sound Of The World - Ramirez Exposure & Marc Jonson
    13.Too Much Of Nothing - The Greeting
    14.Blue Room - Stephem Lawrenson
    15.Best Days Gone - Vanilla
    16.Platinum Girl - Rome 56
    17.Counting Dreams - Jody And The Jerms
    18.Drink It Up - Jeremy
    19.Carry You (Redux) - Rich Arithmetic
    20.Magnesium - Rainy Day Crush
    21.What I Mess - Go Time!
    22.The Only Girl - The Pozers
    23.Vinyl Junkie - Blake
    1.Julee - Dave Cope And The Seas
    2.Verse 2 - Underwater Sunshine
    3.The Cup Has Run Over - Petrified Max
    4.Mavis Of Maybelline Towers - The Loud Family and Anton Barbeau
    5.On The Motorway - Emperor Penguin
    6.One Of Us Is Crazy (The Other Is Me) - David Brookings
    7.Paper Letter - Lisa Marie Claire
    8.Endless Haze - Danny Wilkerson
    9.Heartbreaker - Andrew Stonehome
    10.Blue In The Red Room - The James Clark Institute
    11.I Can Be Any Woman - Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry
    12.Rapid Transit - Elephonic
    13.99 Reasons - The Arcadeans
    14.Far Away - The Incurables
    15.Roller Coaster Ride - Brent Seavers
    16.Temescal Canyon - The Magnet Hearts
    17.Miss Amphetamine - Your Academy
    18.I Gotta Know - David Minchin from The Innocents
    19.My Secret Love - Athanor 2.0
    20.Pony Up - The Bishop's Daredevil Stunt Club
    21.Dreaming About Sleeping - Blake Jones & The Trike Shop
    22.Around The Bend - Brent Windler
    1.Summer Camp - Frederick Julius
    2.Rose Avenue - Seth Swirsky
    3.Dear Jo - Sunbourne Rd
    4.Tenerte Circa - El Inquieto Roque
    5.Breathe Deep - Solitary Friends
    6.So, You Wanna Know The Truth? - The Rave-Ups
    7.Don't Worry California - Circles
    8.Best Of Luck - Rolling Numbers
    9.Dry January - Barmudas
    10.Melody Told You - Amoeba Teen
    11.Unreliable Friend - Eric Crugnale
    12.Party All Night On Sunset - Morty Shallman
    13.S.E.M.A. (Sunday Evening Misery Attack) - Searching For Sylvia
    14.Save Me - Street Duo
    15.Happy Faces - Blaine Campbell
    16.Songs In A Different Light - Sue Hedges
    17.Test Of Time - Glowbox
    18.Early Morning Days - The Top Boost
    19.Waiting On Me - Jody Quine
    20.Zeros And Ones - Danny Echo
    21.I Don't Want To Let You Down - Naked House
    22.Sunday - The Glimmer Stars
    23.Feel The Light - The Parlophonics
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