• Pears/Britten "Britten & Pears - If Music Be"
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Pears/Britten "Britten & Pears - If Music Be"

  • Wykonawca: PEARS/BRITTEN Tytuł: Britten & Pears - If Music Be
Wytwórnia: MEMBRAN
    Saint Nicolas Op. 42
    Choir – Aldeburgh Festival Choir And Orchestra, Boys' Choir of Ipswich School Preparatory Department, Boys' Voices Of The Choir Of St. Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich, Girls' Choir of Sir John Leman School, Beccles
    Composed By, Conductor – Benjamin Britten
    Lyrics By – Eric Crozier (2)
    Organ – Ralph Downes
    Soprano Vocals – David Hemmings
    Tenor Vocals – Peter Pears

    The Birth Of Nicolas
    Nicolas Devotes Himself To God
    He Journeys To Palestine
    He Comes To Myra And Is Chosen Bishop
    Nicolas From Prison
    Nicolas And The Pickled Boys
    His Piety And Marvellous Works
    The Death Of Nicolas
    A Ceremony Of Carols, Op. 28
    Choir – Københavns Drengekor
    Chorus Master – Mogens Wöldike
    Composed By, Conductor – Benjamin Britten
    Harp – Enid Simon

    Wolcum Yole!
    There Is No Rose
    That Yongë Child
    As Dew In Aprille
    This Little Babe
    In Freezing Winter Night
    Spring Carol
    Deo Gracias
    A Boy Was Born, Op.3
    Choir – Choir Of All Saints Church, Margaret Street, Purcell Singers, The English Opera Group
    Composed By, Conductor – Benjamin Britten
    Treble Vocals, Soprano Vocals – Michael Hartnett (2)

    A Boy Was Born (Theme)
    Variation I: Lullay, Jesu
    Variation II: Herod
    Variation III: Jesu, As Thou Art Our Saviour
    Variation IV: The Three Kings
    Variation V: In The Bleak Mid-Winter
    Lyrics By – Christina Rossetti

    Variation VI: Finale - Noel!
    Lyrics By – Francis Quarles, Thomas Tusser

    The Rape Of Lucretia, Op. 37, An Opera In Two Acts
    Baritone Vocals [Junius] – Edmund Donleavy
    Baritone Vocals [Tarquinius] – Otakar Kraus
    Bass Vocals [Collatinus] – Owen Brannigan
    Conductor – Reginald Goodall
    Contralto Vocals [Lucretia] – Kathleen Ferrier
    Lyrics By – Ronald Duncan
    Mezzo-soprano Vocals [Bianca] – Anna Pollak
    Orchestra – The English Opera Group
    Soprano Vocals [Female Chorus] – Joan Cross
    Soprano Vocals [Lucia] – Margaret Ritchie
    Tenor Vocals [Male Chorus] – Peter Pears
    Text By [After The Play By] – André Obey

    Act One, Scene 1: Rome Is Now Ruled By The Etruscan Upstart
    Act One, Scene 1: It Is An Axiom Among Kings
    Act One, Scene 1: Here The Thirsty Evening
    Act One, Scene 1: Who Reaches Heaven First
    Act One, Scene 1: Maria Was Unmasked At A Masked Ball
    Act One, Scene 1: Collatinus Is Politically Astute
    Act One, Scene 1: There Goes A Happy Man!
    Act One, Scene 1: Tarquinius Does Not Dare
    Act One, Scene 1: My Horse! My Horse! ... Tarquinius Does Not Wait
    Act One, Scene 2: Their Spinning Wheel Unwinds
    Act One, Scene 2: Listen! I Heard A Knock
    Act One, Scene 2: Time Treads Upon The Hands Of Women
    Act One, Scene 2: The Oatmeal Slippers Of Sleep
    Act Two, Scene 1: The Prosperity Of The Etruscans
    Act Two, Scene 1: She Sleeps As A Rose
    Act Two, Scene 1: Within This Frail Crucible Of Light
    Act Two, Scene 1: Lucretia! ... What Do You Want?
    Act Two, Scene 1: Interlude: Here In This Scene
    Act Two, Scene 1: Oh! What A Lovely Day!
    Act Two, Scene 1: We'll Leave The Orchids For Lucretia
    Act Two, Scene 1: Flowers Bring To Every Year
    Act Two, Scene 1: You Were Right
    Act Two, Scene 1: Lucretia! Lucretia!
    Act Two, Scene 1: Last Night Tarquinius Ravished Me
    Act Two, Scene 1: This Dead Hand Lets Fall
    Act Two, Scene 1: Epilogue: Is It All?
    Billy Budd, Op.50 - Oper In 2 Acts (Excepts)
    Bass Vocals [Claggart] – Frederick Dalberg, Rhydderch Davies, Theodor Uppman
    Bass Vocals [Mr Flint] – Geraint Evans
    Bass Vocals [Mr Ratcliffe] – Michael Langdon
    Chorus – Chorus Of The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
    Composed By, Conductor – Benjamin Britten
    Orchestra – Orchestra Of The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
    Tenor Vocals [Captain Vere] – Peter Pears
    Voice [Cabin Boy] – Peter Flynn (3)

    Act Two, Scene 1: There You Are Again, Master-at-Arms
    Act Two, Scene 1: Oh, This Cursed Mist
    Act Two, Scene 2: Claggart, John Claggart, Beware
    Act Two, Scene 2: Master-Att-Arms And Foretopman...
    Act Two, Scene 2: God O'Mercy
    Act Two, Scene 2: Gentlemen, William Budd Here..
    Act Two, Scene 2: William Budd, You Are Accused
    Act Two, Scene 2: Poor Fellow, Who Could Save Him?
    Peter Grimes, Op. 33: Four Sea Interludes
    Conductor – Eduard van Beinum
    Orchestra – Concertgebouworkest

    Interlude I: Dawn

    Interlude II: Sunday Morning

    Interlude III: Moonlight

    Interlude III: Moonlight
    Peter Grimes, Op. 33: Passacaglia
    Conductor – Eduard van Beinum
    Orchestra – Concertgebouworkest

    Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra (Variations And Fugue On A Theme Of Purcell) Op. 34
    Conductor – Sir Malcolm Sargent
    Orchestra – Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

    Theme ( Allegro maestoso e largamente) Tutti, woodwinds, brass, strings, then percussion

    Variation A Presto Flutes and Piccolo
    Variation B Lento Oboes
    Variation C Moderato Clarinets
    Variation D Allegro Alla Marcia Bassoons
    Variation E Brillante: Alla Polacca Violins
    Variation F Meno Mosso Violas
    Variation G Lusingando Cellos
    Variation H Cominciando Lento Ma Poco A Poco Accel. Al Allegro Double Basses
    Variation I Maestoso Harp
    Variation J L'istesso Tempo French Horns
    Variation K Vivace Trumpets
    Variation L Allegro Pomposo Trombones And Tuba
    Variation M Moderato Percussion
    Fugue Allegro molto
    The Little Sweep, Op. 45 (Let's Make An Opera)
    Bass Vocals [Black Bob] – Trevor Anthony
    Choir – The Choir Of Alleyn's School
    Contralto Vocals [Miss Baggott] – Nancy Thomas (3)
    Orchestra – The English Opera Group
    Soprano Vocals [Hugh Crome], Treble Vocals – Lyn Vaughan
    Soprano Vocals [John Crome], Treble Vocals – Robin Fairhurst
    Soprano Vocals [Rowan] – Jennifer Vyvyan
    Soprano Vocals [Sam], Treble Vocals – David Hemmings
    Soprano Vocals [Sophie Brook] – Marilyn Baker (3)
    Soprano Vocals [Tina Crome] – Gabrielle Soskin
    Soprano Vocals, Soprano Vocals [Juliet Brook] – April Cantelo
    Tenor Vocals [Clem], Tenor Vocals [Alfred] – Peter Pears
    Treble Vocals, Soprano Vocals [Gay Brook] – Michael Ingram (3)

    The Sweep's Song, Audience Song I. Audience, Later Clem And Bob
    Quartet "Sweep The Chimney!" Miss Baggott, Rowan, Clem And Bob
    Duet "Now The Little White Boy" Clem And Bob
    Shanty "Pull The Rope Gently" The Children
    Ensemble "Is He Wounded?" Sam And The Children
    Marching Song The Children, Later Miss Baggott, Bob And Clem
    Aria "Run The Poor Sweep Boy" Rowan And Later The Children
    Sammy's Bath, Audience Song II Audience, Later Rowan And The Children
    Ensemble "O Why Do You Weep?" Sam, Rowan And The Children
    Pantomime And Scena Miss Baggott
    Finale "Help! Help! She's Collapsed!" Rowan, Miss Baggott And The Children
    Finale "Help! Help! She's Collapsed!" Rowan, Miss Baggott And The Children
    Aria "Soon The Coach Will Carry You Away" Juliet
    Ensemble "Morning Sammy" Sam And The Children
    Trio And Ensemble "Ready, Alfred?" Alfred, Tom, Miss Baggott, Later Rowan And The Children
    Coaching Song, Audience Song IV Omnes And Audience
    The Turn Of The Screw - Act 1
    Conductor – Benjamin Britten
    Mezzo-soprano Vocals [Mrs. Grose] – Joan Cross
    Orchestra – The English Opera Group
    Soprano Vocals [Flora] – Olive Dyer
    Soprano Vocals [Miss Jessel] – Arda Mandikian
    Soprano Vocals [The Governess] – Jennifer Vyvyan
    Tenor Vocals [Quint] – Peter Pears
    Treble Vocals [Miles] – David Hemmings


    Theme • Scene 1: The Journey
    Variation I • Scene 2: The Welcome
    Variation II • Scene 3: The Letter
    Variation III • Scene 4: The Tower
    Variation IV • Scene 5: The Window
    Variation V • Scene 6: The Lesson
    Variation VI • Scene 7: The Lake
    Variation VII • Scene 8: At Night
    The Turn Of The Screw - Act 2
    Variation VIII • Scene 1 (In Two Parts)
    Variation IX • Scene 2: The Bells
    Variation X • Scene 3: Miss Jessel
    Variation XI • Scene 4: The Bedroom
    Variation XII • Scene 5: Quint
    Variation XIII • Scene 6: The Piano
    Variation XIV • Scene 7: Flora
    Variation XV • Scene 8: Miles
    Simple Symphony, Op. 4
    Conductor – Boyd Neel
    Orchestra – The Boyd Neel String Orchestra

    I. Boisterous Bourrée

    II. Playful Pizzicato

    III. Sentimental Sarabande

    IV. Frolicsome Finale
    Orchestra – The Boyd Neel String Orchestra
    Conductor – Boyd Neel

    Variations On A Theme Of Frank Bridge, Op. 10
    Introduction And Theme
    Aria Italiana
    Bourrée Classique
    Wiener Walzer
    Molo Perpetuo
    Funeral March
    Op. 23
    Piano – Benjamin Britten, Clifford Curzon

    Introduction And Rondo Alla Burlesca, Op. 23 N°. 1

    Mazurka Elegiaca, Op. 23 N°. 2
    "Seven Sonnets Of Michelangelo", Vocal Cycle, Op. 22
    Piano – Benjamin Britten
    Tenor Vocals – Peter Pears

    Sonnet XVI
    Sonnet XXXI
    Sonnet XXX
    Sonnet LV
    Sonnet XXXVIII
    Sonnet XXXII
    Sonnet XXIV
    Serenade For Tenor, Horn And Strings, Op. 31
    Conductor – Benjamin Britten
    Horn – Dennis Brain
    Orchestra – The Boyd Neel Orchestra
    Tenor Vocals – Peter Pears

    1 Prologue
    2 Pastoral
    3 Nocturne
    4 Elegy
    5 Dirge
    6 Hymn
    7 Sonnet
    8 Epilogue
    English Folk Songs (Excepts)
    Piano – Benjamin Britten
    Tenor Vocals – Peter Pears

    The Salley Gardens (Irish Tunes)
    Little Sir William (Somerset Folk Song)
    Oliver Cromwell (Nursery Rhytme From Suffolk)
    The Ash Grove (Welsh Tune)
    The Bonney Earl O'Moray (Scottish Tune)
    Heigh Ho, Heigh Hi!
    Sweet Poor Oliver (old English Tune)
    There's None To Soothe (Hullah's Songbook)
    The Plough Boy
    Come Ye Not From Newcastle? (Hullah's Songbook)
    The Foggy, Foggy Dew (From Suffolk)
    O Waly, Waly (From Somerset)
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