• Francis, Connie "19 Original Albums"
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Francis, Connie "19 Original Albums"

  • Wykonawca: FRANCIS, CONNIE Tytuł: 19 Original Albums
Wytwórnia: MEMBRAN
    Dysk: 1

    1. Who's sorry now
    2. I'm nobody's baby
    3. It's the talk of the town
    4. I miss you so
    5. I cried for you
    6. Heartaches
    7. I'm beginning to see the light
    8. My melancholy baby
    9. You always hurt the one you love
    10. How deep is the ocean
    11. If I had you
    12. I'll get by
    13. Come rain or come shine
    14. Hallelujah I love him so
    15. All by myself
    16. Rock-a-bye your baby with a dixie melody
    17. There will never be another you
    18. The song is ended (but the melody lingers on)
    19. Time after time
    20. How did he look
    21. Hold me, thrill me, kiss me
    22. That's all
    23. Blame it on my youth
    24. Melancholy serenade

    Dysk: 2

    1. My thanks to you
    2. The bells of St. Mary's
    3. A garden in the rain
    4. Try a little tenderness
    5. A tree in the meadow
    6. Now is the hour
    7. I'll close my eyes
    8. The very thought of you
    9. These foolish things (remind me of you)
    10. Cruising down the river
    11. The gipsy
    12. Goodnight sweetheart
    13. Comm'e belle a stagione
    14. Anema e core
    15. Arriverderci Roma
    16. You alone (Solo tu)
    17. Volare (Nel blu di pint di blu)
    18. Non dimenticar (Don't forget) (T'no volunto bene)
    19. Toward the end of the day
    20. Ciao, ciao bambina (Chiow, chiow baambeena)
    21. Mama
    22. Do you love me like you kiss me (Scapricciotiello)
    23. I have but one heart (O'Maronariellio)
    24. O sole mio (There's no tomorrow)
    25. Santa Lucia

    Dysk: 3

    1. Come back to Sorrento
    2. Heartbreak Hotel
    3. Tweedle dee
    4. I almost lost my mind
    5. I hear you knocking
    6. Just a dream
    7. Don't be cruel
    8. Lipstick on your collar
    9. Sincerely
    10. Ain't that a shame
    11. Silhouettes
    12. I'm walkin'
    13. It's only make believe
    14. Singing the blues
    15. Tennessee waltz
    16. Young love
    17. Your cheatin' heart
    18. Bye bye love
    19. Peace in the valley
    20. My special angel
    21. Hearts of stone
    22. Half as much
    23. Cold cold heart
    24. Let me go lover
    25. Anytime

    Dysk: 4

    1. Malaguena
    2. Quiereme mucho (Yours)
    3. Siboney
    4. Solamente una vez (You belong to my heart)
    5. Quiensera (Sway)
    6. Quizas, quizas, quizas (Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps)
    7. Beso de fuego (Kiss of fire)
    8. Granada
    9. Besame mucho (Kiss me)
    10. Nosotros
    11. Vaya con dios
    12. Te quiero dijiste (Magic is the moonlight)
    13. Jalousie (Jalousy)
    14. Guaglione
    15. Senza mamma nammurata
    16. Just say I love him (Dicitincello vuie)
    17. Funiculi, funicula
    18. Summertime in Venice
    19. Roman guitar (Chitarra romana)
    20. Torero
    21. Nights of splendor
    22. Tell me you're mine (Per un bacio d'amor)
    23. That's amore
    24. Ritorna a me (Return to me)
    25. The loveliest night of the year (Se tu sei con me)

    Dysk: 5

    1. Tzena, tzena, tzena
    2. My yiddische Momme
    3. I love you much too much (Ich hob dich zuveel lieb)
    4. Shein vi de Levone
    5. Mein shtetele Belz
    6. Oh mein Papa
    7. Anniversary song
    8. Oifen Pripetchik
    9. Hava nagila
    10. Yossel, Yossel
    11. Wus geven ist geven
    12. Mom E-Le (Mother dear)
    13. Sing along
    14. Home on the range
    15. My wild irish rose
    16. I love you truly
    17. Tavern in the town
    18. And the band played on
    19. You tell me your dream
    20. Down in the valley
    21. In the good old summertime
    22. Auld lang syne

    Dysk: 6

    1. You're nobody 'til somebody loves you
    2. Ol' man mose
    3. How long has this been going on
    4. My love, my love
    5. It might as well be spring
    6. Taboo
    7. Love is where you find it
    8. I got lost in his arms
    9. Dat's love
    10. Angel eyes
    11. Gone with the wind
    12. Swanee
    13. Never on Sunday
    14. Young at heart
    15. Around the world
    16. High noon (Do not forsake me oh my darlin')
    17. April love
    18. The song from Moulin Rouge (Where is your heart)
    19. Three coins in the fountain
    20. Tammy
    21. Anna
    22. Moonglow (Theme from "Picnic")
    23. Love me tender
    24. Love is a many splendored thing

    Dysk: 7

    1. Ol' man mose
    2. It all depends on you
    3. Many tears ago
    4. You always hurt the one you love
    5. Medley: Shein vi di Levone / Hava nagila
    6. Jealous of you
    7. Mama
    8. Smack dab in the middle
    9. Toot toot Tootsie
    10. Medley: When the saints go marching in / Bill Bailey won't you please come home
    11. Oh Suzanna
    12. Red River Valley
    13. Boll weevil
    14. True love, true love
    15. Clementine
    16. Aura Lee
    17. Come on Jerry
    18. Careless love
    19. Every night (when the sun goes down)
    20. She'll be comin' 'round the mountain
    21. Brown eyes
    22. On top of Old Smokey

    Dysk: 8

    1. I really don't know to know
    2. Oh lonesome me
    3. I fall to pieces
    4. Someday (you'll want me to want you)
    5. I walk the line
    6. He thinks I still care
    7. She'll have to go
    8. I'm movin' on
    9. I don't hurt anymore
    10. I'm a fool to care
    11. I can't stop loving you
    12. Heartaches by the number
    13. MacNamara's band
    14. Mother Machree
    15. My wild irish rose
    16. Dear old Donegal
    17. Did your mother come from Ireland
    18. Danny boy
    19. It's a great day for the irish
    20. Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral (That's an irish lullaby)
    21. How can you buy Killarney
    22. How are things in Glocca Morra
    23. When irish eyes are smiling
    24. A little bit of Heaven

    Dysk: 9

    1. Mister Twister
    2. Teach me how to twist
    3. Johnny darlin'
    4. Telephone lover
    5. Mommy, your daughter's fallin' in love
    6. Drop it Joe
    7. Kiss 'n' twist (Tarantella)
    8. I won't be home to you
    9. My real happiness
    10. Ain't that better baby
    11. Hey ring-a-ding
    12. Does ol' broadway ever sleep
    13. Second hand love
    14. Someone else's boy
    15. Together
    16. Too many rules
    17. He's my dreamboat
    18. Gonna git that man
    19. Don't break the heart that loves you
    20. Pretty little baby
    21. When the boy in your arms (is the boy in your heart)
    22. It happened last night
    23. Baby's first Christmas
    24. Breaking in a brand new broken heart

    Dysk: 10

    1. Al di la
    2. Il cielo in una stanza (This world we live in)
    3. Quando, quando, quando (Tell me when)
    4. Nessuno al mondo (No arms can ever hold you)
    5. Arriverderci
    6. Tango italiano
    7. Come sinfonia
    8. Nun e piccato
    9. Romantica
    10. 24 mila baci
    11. Come prima (For the first time)
    12. Addio, addio
    13. Everbody's somebody's fool
    14. Robot man
    15. Stupid cupid
    16. My heart has a mind of it's own
    17. Fallin'
    18. Plenty good lovin'
    19. Carolina moon
    20. My happiness
    21. Among my souvenirs
    22. Many tears ago
    23. Baby roo
    24. Where the boys are
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