• Half-handed Cloud "Gathered Out Of Thin Air LP"
kod EAN: 656605366333nr kat.: 656605366333

Half-handed Cloud "Gathered Out Of Thin Air LP"

  • Wykonawca: HALF-HANDED CLOUD Tytuł: Gathered Out Of Thin Air LP
Wytwórnia: PIAS
    Disc: 1
    1. What Are You? Surprise Us!
    2. Nests in Chests
    3. Peoples with Rubbed Out Steeples
    4. Slip Through the Cracks
    5. Gentle Instrumental
    6. Turntable Turntable
    7. Bathed in Palms
    8. Gentle Perception
    9. Here We Go Transformation
    10. The Conscience of Cortés
    11. Foiled By Captain Landecho
    12. Francis Drake Dreaming
    13. California
    14. Roald Read the Passage
    15. He Woke Me Up Again
    16. Naaman
    17. Needy Ones Hold Out
    18. Intro
    19. Mystery of Godliness
    20. Tapes
    21. Let the Mind in You
    22. Someone Pops Up
    23. Train Yourselves in Godliness
    24. Reminding
    25. Anything
    26. The Road I Took for Granite
    27. Grace Be with You
    28. Waltz
    29. Deity Dwelling Bodily
    30. For Our Sake
    31. Reconciliation Grows Today
    32. Your Outer Nature Wastes Away
    33. All the Fullness of God Pleased to Dwell
    34. Running Off with Balderdash
    35. Frankly Corinthians
    36. Let's Hum This Song Right Now
    37. What Large Letters
    38. We Wear the Path
    39. Sleeves of the Forest
    40. Branches Crowned Your Brow
    41. Stumbled on a Holiness
    42. Doing Battle with the Edge
    43. Viscous Shadow of Cleopas
    44. Tracing Circuits That You Tread
    45. Gathered Out of Thin Air
    46. Song for Different Eternities
    47. I Heard the Sparks
    48. We're Giving It a Chance
    49. Backwards Through the Grate
    50. Fingerplay on the Ribbon Waves
    51. Antennas Extend
    52. You Came to Disappear
    53. A Favorite Christmas Gag Gift
    54. ÖH, It's Christmastime Again!
    55. The Cloud Became a Baby to Be with Us
    56. Nativity Play Time Travel Tunnel
    57. It's Advent! Let's Open the Calendar!
    58. And Suddenly [From Handel's Messiah]
    59. Nativity Costume (2000 Year's Eve)
    60. All They That See Him Laugh [From Handel's Messiah]
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