• Cash, Johnny "10 Original Albums"
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Cash, Johnny "10 Original Albums"

  • Wykonawca: CASH, JOHNNY Tytuł: 10 Original Albums
Wytwórnia: MEMBRAN
    Johnny Cash With His Hot And Blue Guitar-Disc 1
    1.Rock Island Line
    2.I Heard That Lonesome Whistle
    3.Country Boy
    4.If the Good Lord's Willing
    5.Cry, Cry, Cry
    6.Remember Me
    7.I Was There When It Happened
    8.So Doggone Lonesome
    9.I Walk the Line
    10.Wreck of the Old '97
    11.I Walk the Line
    12.Doin' My Time
    13.Hey Porter (1955 - Bonus Track)
    Johnny Cash Sings The Songs That Made Him Famous- Disc 2
    1.Ballad of a Teenage Queen
    2.There You Go
    3.I Walk the Line
    4.Don't Make Me Go
    5.Guess Things Happened That Way
    6.Train of Love
    7.The Ways of a Woman in Love
    8.Next In Line
    9.You're the Nearest Thing to Heaven
    10.I Can't Help It
    11.Home of the Blues
    12.Big River
    13.What Do I Care (1958 - Bonus Track)
    Johnny Cash Greatest-Disc 3
    1.Goodbye Little Darlin'
    2.I Just Thought You'd Like to Know
    3.You Tell Me
    4.Just About Time
    5.I Forgot to Remember to Forget
    6.Katy Too
    7.Thanks a Lot
    8.Luther Played the Boogie
    9.You Win Again
    10.Hey Good Lookin'
    11.I Could Never Be Ashamed of You
    12.Get Rhythm
    13..Second Honeymoon (1960 - Bonus Track)
    The Fabulous Johnny Cash- Disc 4
    1.Run Softly Blue River
    2.Frankie's Man Johnny
    3.That's All Over
    4.The Troubador
    5.One More Ride
    6.That's Enough
    7.I Still Miss Someone
    8.Don't Take Your Guns to Town
    9.I'd Rather Die Young
    10.Pickin' Time
    11.Shepherd of My Heart
    12.Supper Time
    13.The Story of a Broken Heart (1960 - Bonus Track)
    Hymns By Johnny Cash- Disc 5
    1.It Was Jesus
    2.I Saw a Man
    3.Are All the Children In
    4.The Old Account
    5.Lead Me Gently Home
    6.Swing Low Sweet Chariot
    7.Snow in His Hair
    8.Lead Me Father
    9.I Call Him
    10.These Things Shall Pass
    11.He'll Be a Friend
    12.God Will
    13.I Got Stripes (1959 - Bonus Track)
    Songs Of Our Soul- Disc 6
    1.Drink to Me
    2.Five Feet High and Rising
    3.The Man On the Hill
    4.Hank and Joe and Me
    6.Don't Step On Mother's Roses
    7.The Great Speckled Bird
    8.I Want to Go Home
    9.The Caretaker
    10.Old Apache Squaw
    11.My Grandfather's Clock
    12.It Could Be You
    13.You Dreamer You (1959 - Bonus Track)
    Johnny Cash The Magnificent-Disc 7
    1.Drink to Me
    2.The Man On the Hill
    3.Hank and Joe and Me
    5.The Great Speckled Bird
    6.Austin Prison
    7.I Want to Go Home
    8.The Caretaker
    9.Old Apache Squaw
    10.Don't Step On Mother's Roses
    11.My Grandfather's Clock
    12.It Could Be You ?
    13.Locomotive Man (1960 - Bonus Track)
    Ride This Train-Disc 8
    1.Loading Coal
    2.Slow Rider
    4.Dorraine of Porchartrain
    5.Going to Memphis
    6.When Papa Played the Dobro
    7.Boss Jack
    8.Old Doc Brown
    9.Girl in Saskatoon (1960 - Bonus Track)
    10.Smiling Bill McCall (1960 - Bonus Track)
    11.Port of Lonely Hearts (1960 - Bonus Track)
    12.Give My Love to Rose (1957 - Bonus Track)
    13.Straight A's in Love (1959 - Bonus Track)
    Now There Was A Song-Disc 9
    1.Seasons of My Heart
    2.I Couldn't Keep from Crying
    3.I Feel Better All Over
    4.My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
    5.Time Changes Everything
    6.I'd Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall)
    7.Why Do You Punish Me
    8.Transfusion Blues
    9.I Will Miss You When You Go
    10.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
    11.Just One More
    12.Honky Tonk Girl
    13.Down the Street to 301 (1960 - Bonus Track)
    Johnny Cash Sings Hank Williams-Disc 10
    1.I Can't Help It
    2.You Win Again
    3.Hey Good Lookin'
    4.I Could Never Be Ashamed of You
    5.Cold Cold Heart
    6.(I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle
    7.Folsom Prison Blues
    8.I Couldn't Keep from Crying
    9.I Walk the Line
    10.I Love You Because
    11.Come in Stranger
    12.Mean Eyed Cat
    13.The Little Drummer Boy (1959 - Bonus Track)

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