• Sinatra, Frank "Anytime Anywhere"
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Sinatra, Frank "Anytime Anywhere"

  • Wykonawca: SINATRA, FRANK Tytuł: Anytime Anywhere
    Dysk: 1

    1. Lean baby
    2. I'm walking behind you
    3. I've got the world on a string
    4. Don't worry 'bout me
    5. I love you
    6. South of the border
    7. Anytime, anywhere
    8. My one and only love
    9. From here to eternity
    10. I can read between the lines
    11. A foggy day
    12. My funny Valentine
    13. They can't take that away from me
    14. Violets for your furs
    15. Like someone in love
    16. I get a kick out of you
    17. Little girl blue
    18. The girl next door
    19. Take a chance
    20. Ya better stop
    21. Why should I cry over you
    22. Rain
    23. Young at heart
    24. I could have told you
    25. Last night when we were young
    26. Three coins in the fountain
    27. Sunday

    Dysk: 2

    1. Just one of those things
    2. I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
    3. Wrap your troubles in dreams
    4. All of me
    5. Jeepers creepers
    6. Get happy
    7. Taking a chance on love
    8. The gal that got away
    9. Half as lovely
    10. It worries me
    11. When I stop loving you
    12. White Christmas
    13. The Christmas waltz
    14. Don't change your mind about me
    15. Someone to watch over me
    16. You, my love
    17. Melody of love
    18. I'm gonna live till I die
    19. Dancing on the ceiling
    20. Can't we be friends?
    21. Glad to be unhappy
    22. I'll be around
    23. What is this thing called love
    24. Ill wind
    25. I see your face before me
    26. Mood indigo
    27. I get along without you very well

    Dysk: 3

    1. In the wee small hours of the morning
    2. When your lover has gone
    3. This love of mine
    4. It never entered my mind
    5. Not as a stranger
    6. Deep in a dream
    7. I'll never be the same
    8. If I had three wishes
    9. How could you do a thing like that to me
    10. Two hearts two kisses
    11. From the bottom to the top
    12. Learnin' the blues
    13. Keine Titelinformation
    14. Fairy tale
    15. Look to your heart
    16. Love and marriage
    17. The impatient years
    18. Our town
    19. The tender trap
    20. You'll get yours
    21. You forgot all the words
    22. Love is here to stay
    23. Weep they will
    24. You brought a new kind of love to me
    25. I thought about you
    26. You make me feel so young

    Dysk: 4

    1. Pennies from heaven
    2. How about you?
    3. You're getting to be a habit with me
    4. It happened in Monterey
    5. Swingin' down the lane
    6. Flowers mean forgiveness
    7. I've got you under my skin
    8. Makin' whoopee
    9. Old devil moon
    10. Anything goes
    11. Too marvelous for words
    12. We'll be together again
    13. Mind if I make love to you
    14. Don't like goodbyes
    15. P.S. I love you
    16. Love locked out
    17. I've had my moments
    18. Blame it on my youth
    19. Everything happens to me
    20. The end of a love affair
    21. It could happen to you
    22. How little we know
    23. You're sensational

    Dysk: 5

    1. Wait for me
    2. With every breath I take
    3. Five hundred guys
    4. Hey! Jealous lover
    5. No one ever tells you
    6. I couldn't sleep a wink last night
    7. It's easy to remember
    8. Close to you
    9. I got plenty o' nuttin
    10. I won't dance
    11. Stars fell on Alabama
    12. At long last love
    13. I guess I'll have to change my plan
    14. I wish I were in love again
    15. Nice work if you can get it
    16. The lady is a tramp
    17. Night and day
    18. Lonesome road
    19. If I had you
    20. I got it bad
    21. From this moment on
    22. Oh! Look at me now
    23. You'd be so nice to come home to
    24. Your love for me
    25. Can I steal a little love
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